4.9.5 Notice of Educational Applications/Tools

Notice of Educational Applications/Tools

The Departments of Technology, Curriculum & Instruction, and Special Education have identified some valuable educational tools that require a guardian's permission to use with your student. Some of these apps allow students to post content that may be visible to others, including individuals outside of SFUSD. These posts may include their names or school.

The purpose of this notice is to inform parents/guardians/caregivers that your child will have access to use one or more of the following applications as an educational tool unless you submit a written opt out notice.  If you do not wish for your child to have access to any or all of these applications, please send a written notice opting out of their use to your child's classroom teacher or principal. These applications are:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud Express
  • Britannica, an online reference
  • Code.org, an interactive learning tool
  • Common Sense Media, a digital agency curriculum tool
  • Coursera, online training and development courses
  • Data Commons API, a library of datasets for data science curriculum
  • Desmos, a math tool
  • EdPuzzle, an assessment tool
  • EduBlocks, a programming tool
  • Explain Everything Whiteboard, a whiteboard tool
  • Gale in Context, an online reference
  • GeoGebra, a math tool
  • GoFormative, an assessment tool
  • Google Colab, a note-taking and programing tool
  • Green Guardians, an environmental literacy resource
  • Hoopla, an eBook tool
  • Kahoot, an assessment tool
  • Kaggle, a programming and data science environment
  • Khan Academy, an interactive learning tool
  • KQED Learn/KQED Teach, science resources
  • Loom, a video communication tool
  • Miro, a whiteboard tool
  • New Visions CloudLab, productivity tools
  • Padlet, a collaboration tool
  • PBS Learning Media, a science resource
  • PearDeck, an assessment tool
  • PhET Simulations, a physics simulation
  • Scratch, a programming tool
  • Scratch Jr, a programming tool
  • SERP Interactives, a physics simulation
  • SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Issue Researcher,  an online reference
  • Sprocket, a curriculum management tool
  • Socrative, an assessment tool
  • Sutori, a teaching tool  
  • TinkerCAD, a 3D modeling tool
  • WGBH Interactives, a science resource

For the most up to date information on these applications, please visit the Approved Digital Tools & Apps for SFUSD Students webpage at http://sfusd.edu/apps.


See the full Handbook and downloadable, translated PDFs at sfusd.edu/Handbook.

This page was last updated on August 16, 2023