4.9.2 Digital Learning Systems for Students

Digital Learning Systems for Students

SFUSD’s learning approach often calls for students to utilize digital learning systems to participate in learning and make academic progress in blended environments when they are in classrooms or not physically present in schools.  Google Classroom and Seesaw are two systems that students may engage with in SFUSD.  

Through Google Classroom teachers can share resources, offer instructional activities, and provide differentiated feedback to students.  This learning platform is part of the Google Suite for Education and can be utilized in conjunction with other digital tools across grade levels. For more information about using Google Classroom please visit: https://bit.ly/SFUSDgoogleclassroom

Classes in SFUSD may also use Seesaw as a platform for assignments and student creations. The following resources will support families in getting started with Seesaw. https://bit.ly/SFUSDseesaw

This page was last updated on November 3, 2020