3.5.1 Special Education Quick Links

Special Education Quick Links

This section includes information about assessments, raising and resolving issues related to special education, and contact information for the Special Education Services Department. Additionally, throughout this handbook is further information related to the rights of special education students.

Additional resources and information can be found on the SFUSD website: www.sfusd.edu/sped

Topic/Question Chapter
School transfers and changes to program eligibility 3.8.6
Promotion and retention rights of students with disabilities 4.3
Credits and course requirements to earn a regular high school diploma or certificate of completion 4.5.2 and 4.5.3
Disciplinary interventions and supports for special populations 6.2.6
Suspension and expulsion procedures for special education students 6.3.7
Uniform complaint procedures including those related to special education programs 7.3
Complaint procedures related to the Americans with Disabilities Act 7.8
Bullying and hate motivated behavior, including of those with physical or mental disabilities 7.5 and 7.7

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