1.1 How to Use This Handbook

How to Use This Handbook

The Student and Family Handbook (we use the term family to include parents, caregivers and guardians) is a resource for all SFUSD stakeholders. As a district, we believe that our work educating students is best accomplished when we work in partnership with families and students. This handbook is one tool for how we can work together.

This handbook is a way to understand the rights that you have in the district. It is a place where the district also outlines our expectations for students and families. The content of the handbook is updated on an annual basis;  however the handbook may not be reprinted in its entirety to save resources. In that case, A Family Handbook addendum will be printed and the electronic version of the handbook will be updated and can be found here at sfusd.edu/handbook.

The handbook is also a way that the district fulfills legal requirements. Some of the sections in this book may be a direct quote of legal code and not written in everyday language. If you need partnership in understanding the details, please reach out to the appropriate SFUSD department in the directory in chapter 1.6.1

The policies outlined in this Handbook are subject to change throughout the school year due to ongoing legislative updates and amendments to Board Policy.

This page was last updated on August 19, 2022