3.3.1 Right to Be Included in the Educational Process

Right to Be Included in the Educational Process

Under state law, parents/guardians of enrolled students have the right to be included in the educational process and to have access to the system on behalf of their children.  

These rights are outlined in the CA Education Code 51101, and include the right to:  Observe the classroom; Meet with the teacher; Volunteer; Notice of unexcused absences; Notice of performance on standardized tests; Request a specific school; Safe school environment; Review curriculum materials; Notice of student academic expectations and progress; Access and question content in student records; Notice of school rules; Notice and consent for psychological testing; Participation on councils and committees; Timely notice if student is at risk of retention.. 

The Family-School Partnership Act is a law that allows parents, grandparents, and guardians to take time off from work from some employers to participate in their children’s school or childcare activities.  More information about Parents’ Rights can be found at www.sfusd.edu/services/know-your-rights/parent-rights and www.cde.ca.gov/ls/pf/pf.

Tutoring or Private Lessons

Employees cannot be hired to tutor or provide private lessons to a student who is enrolled at the school where the employee is assigned.  An employee who wishes to tutor or provide services to a student at another site must first request authorization from their supervisor. (SFUSD Board Policy 4036)


See the full Handbook and downloadable, translated PDFs at sfusd.edu/Handbook.

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