4.9.3 SFUSD Digital Backpack and Clever

SFUSD Digital Backpack and Clever

District-approved online learning tools are accessed through the SFUSD Digital Backpack, which is hosted on a platform called Clever.

Teachers may add websites, documents and communication tools to their Clever page, and Clever also works well for learning applications. Teachers may also post content, like websites, documents and communication tools, in Google Classroom or Synergy.

The Digital Backpack is accessed at clever.sfusd.edu, and students use their SFUSD email address and password to log in. Students in grades K-3 may also have a Clever-specific QR code badge they can use to log in, which can be distributed by their teacher. To learn more about how to access your student’s SFUSD email address and password, please visit bit.ly/sfusdglogin.

  • All students who have SFUSD Google accounts also have SFUSD Clever accounts  
  • Students can log in by clicking “log in with Google” and entering their SFUSD Google username and password
    • Students can request their username and password from their teacher.
    • Alternatively, guardians can look up students’ SFUSD Google usernames and passwords in ParentVUE.
    • Teachers and Guardians can only access students’ default usernames and passwords: if the student changed their password and you cannot access their account, have your student’s teacher contact the Technology Help Desk to request a reset.
  • Students in grades PK, TK, K, 1, 2 and 3 can also log in with Clever Badges, which are available from their teachers
    • Students who log in with their badge can also access Google tools from the links in Clever, but only on Chromebooks, PC’s, and Macs
    • Google tools are not accessible with Clever badges on iPads
  • Most applications in Clever do not require a separate username and password—that’s the magic of Clever!—but some of them do

Clever is designed for students and teachers, and does not support access for guardians, but you can ask your student to show you their account

This page was last updated on August 14, 2021