What is L4E?

L4E - Laptops for Educators

The Laptops for Educators (L4E) program provides a district-issued device to teachers and other select groups of eligible educators.

Check Your Eligibility & Prepare to Receive an L4E Device in 3 Simple Steps:

Get Informed

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To be eligible for the Laptops for Educators (L4E) Program you must:

  • Be an active San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) employee

  • Have a minimum of .5 Full-Time Employment (FTE)

  • Have an eligible job classification

  • Be able to log into your @SFUSD.edu email address.

  • Change your default password given by HR when originally hired by calling the Technology Help Desk at 415-241-6476.

Prior to moving forward, please ensure you have received notice from HR with a district employee ID and district username and password credentials for your SFUSD @sfusd.edu email address. You will not be able to receive or login to a district issued device without a district-issued email account and password.

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Complete the required online SFUSD Acceptable Use Policy and Employee/User Equipment Release Form and Agreement form, also using your @sfusd.edu email address.

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Continuing Teachers: Submit a Service Ticket to help@sfusd.edu with the subject line: "L4E Device Request".

New Teachers: Upon completing hiring with HR, you will receive an email from the SFUSD Department of Technology with a form to register for picking up a device. This email goes out within 72 hours after your hiring is completed in HR, as there are additional steps to onboard you into SFUSD's systems, including receiving an SFUSD email account. Once you complete the request form, you will receive a follow-up email with instructions for retrieving your device from a secure locker and setting up the device in the Central Office Lobby at 555 Franklin St. San Francisco, CA 94102. If you do not receive this email after submitting the request form, please email help@sfusd.edu and request a device pick-up.

For questions, please email help@sfusd.edu with "Device Request" using your SFUSD email address. Tickets will enable the DoT Team to verify eligibility in advance and greatly speed up the process, saving you valuable time. Those dropping in without a processed ticket may take twice as long to get a device or wait simply to discover they are unable to receive a device at this time.

This page was last updated on June 28, 2024