6th-8th Grade Cantonese Dual Language Immersion

Description of Program

Students Served

  • Students who are fluent in both Cantonese and English

Language Instruction

  • Several Middle Schools have designed programs to develop the Chinese language proficiency for students rising from K-5 Cantonese Biliteracy and K-5 Cantonese Dual Language Immersion programs. When possible, students take two periods, one Cantonese Social Studies and one Accelerated Mandarin World Language, with curriculum that integrates Chinese World Language Proficiency Targets.

Pathway Eligibility   

  • Students who demonstrate grade level proficiency in the pathway language assessment given at the EPC.


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  • Herbert Hoover MS (6-8)
  • Marina MS (6-8) Accelerated Mandarin only
  • Roosevelt MS (6-8) Accelerated Mandarin only
  • Alice Fong Yu K-8 (6-8)


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