Visitacion Valley Middle School 2017-2018 Innovation Awards

The Design Challenge

How might we create environments and routines that empower our target students to be confident, motivated, independent readers?

Literacy is the true gate keeper in education, and many of Vis Valley Middle’s students are being locked out. As they progress through grade levels, their literacy proficiencies do not always increase at the same rate. Students arrive at the school many grade levels behind, and currently only 25% of students are proficient in the reading, as measured by the Reading Inventory. Most strikingly, only 13% of their African American students are proficient in reading. It is a grave injustice for so many students to not have access to grade level content, only to fall further and further behind. The design team wants to determine how to truly move students ahead, what engages African American students, and how to inspire students who are behind in their reading.

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