2019-2020 Innovation Awards

In 2019-2020 the QTEA Innovation Awards supported 10 schools in tackling equity challenges important to their community. Schools were asked to align their work with the SFUSD Graduate Profile and develop the competencies of the profile in their design solutions. All of the requests from the schools were fully funded following Pitch Night.

Balboa High School

How might we create a roadmap to a cohesive capstone experience for all stakeholders, developed by many stakeholders? 

Cesar Chavez Middle School

How might we create opportunities for new and veteran staff to interact so as to build community, understand each other's perspectives, and support each other? How might we create sustainable systems that are consistently implemented by administration and staff to address behavior and instruction and support one another?

El Dorado Elementary School

How do we continually break down the barriers of institutional oppression, racism, and harmful practices?

Galileo High School

How do we get teachers across disciplines to be emotionally invested in using capstones as an empowering learning  experience for students? 

John McLaren Elementary School

How might we further understand and reduce the effects of trauma and secondary traumatic stress in our school community?

John O'Connell High School

How might we rally around a compelling vision for “jaw-dropping” demonstrations of the SFUSD Graduate Profile in ALL of our Pathways and for EACH and EVERY student?

Jose Ortega Elementary School

Students are given limited modalities and opportunities to make their learning, thinking, and opinions more public. What are the different ways students are able to speak their minds?  

Starr King Elementary School

How do we raise up the GE program and give it an identity?

Tenderloin Community School

We want to know how leveraging digital portfolios can empower each and every student in developing the Graduate Profile Competencies of “Sense of Purpose, Sense of Self.” Our goal is to make all identified best practices we discover transparent, visible, and engaging in order to further collaboration and opportunity across grade levels.

Thurgood Marshall High School

How might we build community across difference (specifically amongst our general education and our newcomer students?

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