Digital Learning in SFUSD

Digital Learning in SFUSD

The Digital Learning Team, part of SFUSD's Department of Technology, leads professional learning, coaching, program development, and content creation centered on technology-enabled 21st century learning through

Design learning experiences, Support SFUSD community, Enable technology integration
  • Design deeper learning experiences for students that leverage technology for inquiry, collaboration, assessment for learning, and equitable access to build agency and self-efficacy as described in the SFUSD Graduate Profile.
  • Provide strategic support for the entire SFUSD community (administrators, teachers, staff, and families) operationalizing promising technology integration practices through consultancy (cross-departmental collaboration & cohort support and partnerships), ongoing, differentiated, and adaptive professional learning, curated examples and teacher/student-ready resources that support powerful use of technology in distance, hybrid, and in-person learning.

  • Enable educators to leverage technology for equity of opportunity, towards SFUSDs goals of disrupting systemic inequalities through a culturally responsive and anti-racist approach to our work in digital learning.

Digital Learning Programs and Initiatives

This page was last updated on March 17, 2023