PK-TK - 2nd Grade Lesson Activities by Core Instructional Priority

PK-TK - 2nd Grade Lesson Activities by Core Instructional Priority

Pk/TK - 2nd Grade Level Core Instructional Priorities

Assessment for Learning

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Grade Level  Title  Description Seesaw Link
PK/TK Making Name Cards  Created by the Elem. ELA Team, this activity gives the youngest of learners an opportunity to review and practice drawing and writing skills. Which are key skills for emergent readers and writers.  Seesaw Activity Link 
Kindergarten What I am proud that I have learned this year  Students are prompted to tell their teachers and their families what they are most proud of what they have learned this year.  Seesaw Activity Link 
1st Grade Self Assessment for Conferences Students are prompted to share how they are feeling about their progress across content areas  Seesaw Activity Link 
2nd Grade  End of the year portfolio reflection 

After looking through their Seesaw portfolios, students are asked to respond to a few reflection questions  to reflect on their growth from Kindergarten through 2nd-grade.

Seesaw Activity Link 



Click on the link to access the Seesaw Activity 

Grade Level  Title  Description Seesaw Link
PK/TK Build a reading fort Inspiring students to read at home is important. Reading in new places keeps reading fresh and interesting. This activity also gives students a fun way to actively engage with their family.  Link to Seesaw Activity 
Kindergarten  Growing Kindness Students will learn and practice how to share kindness seeds with other on Seesaw 

Link to Lesson Activity 

1st Grade Group Storytelling  One SFUSD educators example of how they introduce and practice collaboration strategies for their students where a pairs  of students shares 1 device (pair-programming, etc.) Link to educator reflection 
2nd Grade  How to set up Actionable Feedback in Seesaw 
  • Watch the webinar to  learn
    • 3 ways teachers can give actionable feedback
    • How to teach students how to give effective peer feedback
    • How to support families in providing feedback on student work
Link to Webinar 


Equitable Access and Demand

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Grade Level  Title  Description  Seesaw Link
PK/TK The Skin you're in- Self Portraits 

 After reading the Skin You Live In. students are prompted to watch the book read by the author ( that's the person who wrote the words). After watching the video use the template to draw a self-portrait of the skin, you live in. (created by the Early Education Department)

Seesaw Activity Link 
Kindergarten Curious Minds  Students are prompted to share something you learned or created this week that you are excited about. (this activity could be used multiple times throughout the year to support)  Seesaw Activity Link
1st Grade  Block Boards  The Seesaw Block Board Activities are similar to choice boards as they are designed to  support student agency. There are a selection of Block Boards across content areas that can be use to supplement lessons and support the acquisition of skills.  Seesaw Activity Link
2nd Grade  All About Me  Students will tell about themselves by practicing using the drawing, camera and microphone tools in Seesaw.  Seesaw Activity Link



Click on the link to access the Seesaw Activity 

Grade Level  Title  Description  Seesaw Link

Developing our Research Skills

By watching a video on Seesaw, students will have the opportunity to develop their Research Skills through making observations, asking questions, making hypotheses or predictions Seesaw Activity Link 
Kindergarten  Seesaw Attribute Scavenger Hunt  Support students with explore attributes in their everyday worlds by engaging with Seesaw's Creative Canvas students can share what they found with their class community.  Seesaw Activity Link 
1st Grade  Little Activists: What can a citizen do?  After listening to "What can a citizen do?" students can use Seesaw's creative canvas to share how they can be activists with their community.  Seesaw Activity Link 
2nd Grade  I Wonder  After giving students the opportunity to explore wonderopolis, students are encourage to share what they discovered. This could be a great entry point activity for research topic brainstorm.   Seesaw Activity Link 


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