What is a HyperDoc?

Table comparing what a HyperDoc is versus what it is not. See the linked document in the caption for a textualized version of the differences.
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A HyperDoc is a document that acts as a lesson plan for students to follow at their own pace using a variety of web tools (Highfill, Hilton, & Landis, 2016).

"The reason HyperDocs work is because each one begins with strong lesson design, curates quality instructional content, and packages learning in a way that engages learners. A HyperDoc shifts the focus from teacher-led lectures to student-driven, inquiry-based learning, allowing students to actually learn through exploration." -- an excerpt from The HyperDoc Handbook (Highfill et al., 2016)

More HyperDocs resources

Front cover of The HyperDocs HandbookThe HyperDoc Handbook is the definitive guide to designing and building HyperDocs. If interested in learning more about HyperDocs, you can purchase a copy on Amazon.

More than just a doc with links

Student using iPadHyperDocs aren't just Google Docs with links. They are a packaged, self-paced, and self-directed learning experience, with choices for learners to explore, apply, and do in a guided setting. They aren't just a digitized worksheet.

HyperDocs support inquiry-based learning, differentiated learning, and options for student voice + choices. They use formative assessments, questions, and scenarios to guide students in learning, exploring, and creating, while offering individual, small group, and whole class opportunities.

Learn more about the HyperDocs frameworks for the 4 C's. 


Highfill, L., Hilton, K., & Landis, S. (2016). The HyperDoc handbook: Digital lesson design using Google apps. Irvine, CA: EdTechTeam Press.

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