Seesaw for Students

Getting Started on Seesaw in 3 Easy Steps!

Signing in with Clever

  1. Sign in to Clever on your Chromebook with your Google account
  2. Click on the Seesaw app icon
  3. Enter your Seesaw classroom and get creating!
Sign into Seesaw with Clever in 3 steps;  1.Sign in to Clever 2. Click on the Seesaw Class app 3.Enter Seesaw and start working!

Get Started Creating in your Journal

  1.  Open Seesaw through Clever.
  2. Click on the Journal tab
  3. Click on the green circle with the plus sign to start an journal entry
  4. Choose a learning tool.
  5. Create a journal entry with voice, video, and/or drawing
  6. Click on the green circle with a check mark to submit your work to your teacher
Steps to add an entry in the seesaw app

This page was last updated on June 21, 2023