6.2.6 Additional Recommended Interventions and Supports: Special Populations

Additional Recommended Interventions and Supports: Special Populations

Students with IEPs

Convene IEP or Section 504 team and consider conducting a functional behavior assessment (FBA), developing a Behavior Intervention Plan and assess all positive behavior strategies and related services and placement. Contact SPED case manager at school site.
Foster Youth

For foster youth, contact Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program at (415) 242-2615.  Foster youth additionally have a social worker and dependency attorney that may be able to access court or outside resources, help develop a plan, or check for full implementation of Assembly Bill 420/1933/1909.

Homeless Youth For homeless youth, please contact your school site, so they can connect with our division appropriately.
Students on Probation There may be additional resources and programs available to students on probation, through Juvenile Probation, the Public Defender’s Office, or other sources.  Contact the Office of Pupil Services to coordinate determination and access of such services.
African-American Students/Students with Disproportionate Suspension Required call to the Assistant Superintendent for the relevant school to verify exhaustion of alternatives in Matrix or support for interventions prior to issuance of a suspension for African-American or other most disproportionately impacted students identified by the District.
English Learner Students Contact Multilingual Department at (415) 379-7706 to ensure student and family receive appropriate interpretation services and reach out to appropriate Community Based Organizations.


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