4.5.3 Alternatives to High School Diploma

Certificate of Completion

Instead of a high school diploma, a student with disabilities may be awarded a certificate of completion if the student has met one of the following requirements: (i) satisfactorily completed a prescribed alternative course of study approved by the governing board of the District in which the student attended school or the District with jurisdiction over the student as identified in their IEP, (ii) satisfactorily met their goals and objectives during high school as identified in their IEP, (iii) satisfactorily attended high school, participated in the instruction as prescribed in their IEP, and met the objectives of the statement of transition services.

A student who obtains a Certificate of Completion shall be eligible to participate in any graduation ceremony and any school activity related to graduation in which a graduating student of similar age without disabilities would be eligible to participate. The right to participate in graduation ceremonies does not equate a certificate of completion with a high school diploma. (SFUSD Board Policy 6146.1)


This page was last updated on November 3, 2020