Fundations Reading Intervention

Modified Content for Intensive Intervention

Wilson Reading System's Fundations Curriculum is a multisensory structured language program created for the general education K-3 classroom. This program was designed to provide a strong foundation in decoding, encoding, and handwriting skills. As directed by the creators, this is a prevention program to reduce reading and spelling failure and pairs well with a literature-based ELA program for a comprehensive approach to reading and spelling (

Since the teacher's manual was designed for the needs of typical learners, special education teachers must follow the pacing and delivery gudelines based on student's learning profiles and learning needs of students with word-reading disabilities.

This site will provide guidance documents: scope and sequence, pacing guide, lesson plan templates, and sample lesson slides to support use of Fundations Level 1 materials for Tier 3 implementation. 

This page was last updated on July 16, 2024