ELPAC Accessibility

Types of Accessibility Resources

There are three types of resources for general state tests (CAASPP & ELPAC): 

1. Universal Tools: Available to all students 

2. Designated Supports: Available to all students where an educator determines a support is appropriate.

3. Accommodations: Available to students with an active individualized education program (IEP) or Section 504 plan and who have a documented need


                                    NEW RESOURCE FOR FINDING OUT ABOUT SUPPORTS!! 

Guide to accessibility supports for students

ACCESSIBILITY RESOURCES PLANNING TOOL - This is a great one stop page to view all supports and where they may be applied in terms of student need. There are links to other resources for additional information. 


Quick Guide to Accessibility Supports: ONE PAGE GRAPHIC 

English Learners with IEPs

There are 3 Ways for EL Students with IEPs to Take the ELPAC:

1. Standard Testing

  • Students may take the ELPAC in the standard format. Universal Tools may be used if the student selects them. See Matrix above for details on Universal Tools.

2. Designated Supports, Accommodations, and/or Domain Exemptions. 

  • Students with IEPs:  May take the ELPAC with designated supports and/or accommodations as long as  the IEP team has determined they are appropriate, and they are specified in the student's IEP (SEIS). See the accessibility Matrix above for details on Designated Supports and Accommodations. These accessibility resources for students with IEPs must be selected in the SEIS dropdown menus in the Statewide Assessments section. Note that the SEIS statewide assessments page menu has separate boxes for Initial ELPAC and Summative ELPAC.  
  • Domain Exemption: if an English learner (EL) student or a potential EL student (TBD) with an IEP has a disability that precludes meaningful participation in one or more of the Initial and Summative English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) domains. Use this tool to determine eligibility and keep a copy in the student's cumulative file. A single domain in each composite (Oral or Written)  is permitted if qualified. Make sure the exemption is specified in the statewide assessments section of the IEP in SEIS. 

    Here is the section of the Statewide Assessments Page: Up to one domain per composite may be exempted.

    screenshot of domain exemption section of SEIS
  • Confirm: Check Supports Assigned in TOMS for Summative ELPAC via this DnA (Illuminate) report. 

3. Alternate Summative ELPAC Test (Rare)


 Three alpacas to illustrate Initial, summative and Alternate ELPAC

  • Students with the most significant cognitive disabilities may take an alternate assessment if specified in their active IEP. The Decision Confirmation Worksheet  (NEW!) from the state should be used to  to support an IEP team's evaluation of the need for an alternate ELPAC test. IEP Team guidance is also available at the state website. If an IEP specifies an alternate test for any state test, all state tests will be automatically set to alternate. 

*Note: Students may not be exempted from ELPAC


Additional Resources & Links

How to get DnA Access for Case Managers or Others Working With Students Across a Site

Two Options:

  • Principals may fill out a form for a teacher on staff to request site-wide or specific DnA access for their work. See the DnA (Illuminate) web page 


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