INITIAL TESTING WINDOW: July - June 2022-23 ------ SUMMATIVE TESTING WINDOW: Feb. 1 - May 31, 2023
    • The Alternate ELPAC is part of a group of Alternate CA State Tests for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. These assessments are administered to fewer than 1% of California students. They are comprised of the California Alternate Assessments (CAA) that replace SBA and the Alternate ELPAC that replaces ELPAC (Initial and Summative). 

Images to show four alternate state tests: CAA ELA,CAA Math, CAA Science, Alternate ELPAC

  ***If one alternate state test is specified in the IEP, all state applicable alternate tests will automatically be assigned. The Alternate Tests may  include:  CAA ELA, CAA Math, CAA Science, and/or Alternate ELPAC. More general guidance for IEP teams may be found at the state website. 

    •  The 2022-23 Summative Alternate ELPAC tests must be administered to all kindergarten through grade twelve students up to age 22 with the most significant cognitive disabilities who have an English Language Acquisition Status of English learner and who have been determined eligible to take alternate assessments by an individualized education program (IEP) team.
    • The 2022-23 Initial  Alternate ELPAC applies to students with a status of TBD and whose IEP specifies alternate ELPAC and/or alternate state testing. 
    • The IEP team must discuss and decide if alternate state testing is appropriate, and have these checked in the Statewide Assessments section of the IEP. This information is uploaded to the state testing system (TOMS). We then take those test assignments and make them available in Illuminate for you to confirm.
    • The Decision Confirmation Worksheet and IEP team guidance provided by the state are helpful tools for the team in terms of making the determination. 

Image illustrates the process of data going from SEIS to TOMS to Illuminate

    • Alternate ELPAC is administered in much the same way as standard state tests via computer. There is a device for the test administrator and one for the student's test login.
    • Alternate ELPAC is comprised of Receptive and Expressive domains. A student must have a score in at least one or more items of each of these areas to receive a score. Note that in the administration scripts, receptive test questions are marked with an “R” [Image removed.] icon, and expressive test questions with an “E” [Image removed.] icon.

domains for alternate elpac pictured. It illustrates that it is broken down into receptive and expressive domains

    • The test is administered one-to-one by the case manager or another SFUSD educator who knows the student and has completed the state training via the Moodle Training explained in the SFUSD Alternate State Assessments Orientation Training Deck. The training deck provides information on how to take the Moodle certification where you will gain in depth instruction on how to test students, including how to individualize the testing based things such as a student's preferred modes of communication and how to incorporate the types of supports they use daily.
    • Training Requirements:  
      • Initial Alternate ELPAC Moodle Training (Good for only Initial Alternate ELPAC during the school year of your training)
      • Summative Alternate ELPAC Moodle Training (Good for Alternate Summative and Initial ELPAC through Nov. of the following school year when the next training comes out. It is most economical to take this training annually in November so you only have one training per year.  

Teacher sitting at a computer with a student

    • Before Testing
      • Confirm alternate state assessments are assigned in TOMS by checking the student's IEP AND confirming that it is assigned in TOMS by checking the current Illuminate test Assignment list. 
      • Plan testing schedule by following the same timeline/window as all other ELPAC testing. 
      • Notify Parent/Guardian of testing using the template to individualize for your site. 
      • Ensure your logins are current for ELPAC in TOMS, and for CAASPP in TOMS if administering any CAA tests. 
      • Review the Orientation webinar from Nov. 2023 (linked above). If you have questions, contact AAO (aao@sfusd.edu). 
      • Access the Directions for Administration. Link provides form # for your site and instructions for accessing DFAs in TOMS. Read DFA in preparation for the Moodle Training and review prior to testing. The Alternate (Initial or Summative) ELPAC Test Manual should also be reviewed (digitally or printed). 
      • Verify the security of the testing environment. (Refer to the Security of the Test Environment subsection of this manual.)
        • All displayed instructional materials (for example, vocabulary charts, etc.) are covered or taken down.
        • Post “TESTING IN PROGRESS—DO NOT DISTURB” signs outside of the testing room.
      • Complete the Moodle Training. (See: Guide to using Moodle for Trainings)
    • At the Time of Testing
      • Gather DFA/s and any materials needed for testing. The DFA has step by step instructions and scripting to use during testing.
      • Administer and submit the assessment/s.
    • After Testing 
      • Follow guidelines for securely disposing of materials. 
      • Results (Summative) will be posted in summer/fall 2023

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