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Initial & Summative ELPAC tests are administered by qualified, trained SFUSD staff. Training must be renewed annually. Testing coordinators for each site are trained by RPA/AAO for group tested parts and they, in turn, train those on site who test students. One to one parts (domains) of the test require extra certification. 

Initial ELPAC: One time assessment that is given throughout the year as new students enroll. 

  • Phase I: Most students assigned Initial ELPAC are tested in the first two months of school. District examiners come to sites to administer the 1:1 sections. School sites are responsible for group testing. The Initial ELPAC determines whether a student is an English Learner (EL) or Initially Fluent (IFEP)

  • Phase II: From November through the end of the year, students arrive each month. All sites will continue to do group testing. A designee at each non-newcomer site will take extra training to become qualified to do the 1:1 parts of the test. They will be notified monthly of the students they need to test. Newcomer sites are supported by RPA for 1:1 parts. 

Summative ELPAC: Annual assessment to monitor student progress in English

  • Summative ELPAC takes place Feb. 1- May 31, 2024. 
  • Sites must send home family notification letters prior to testing. A batch was sent to your site. For any who are eligible after this mailing, schools should mail home a letter (copies to print). Those included in the Jan Batch are indicated in the master list for Summative State Testing. 
  • District Examiners test the 1:1 sections. Trained site staff administer the group tested domains (3-12 L,R,W). 
    MATERIALS AND INFORMATION: ELPAC is comprised of 4 domains; Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking
  • WHO MAY ADMINISTER THE ELPAC?  Only staff who meet the following criteria may test students.
    • Employed by  SFUSD and proficient in English
    • Must attend RPA/AAO TC training for each test annually OR attend & sign-in to a training conducted by a trained TC on site for the applicable test (Initial or Summative). Prior year's training is not applicable. 
    • Must have a TOMS platform account and sign an affidavit, confirming adherence to security requirements.
    • There are sections of the test that must be done 1:1. These sections require supplemental certification to administer. The speaking domain for all grades is 1:1. All domains for TK-2 are 1:1. 
    • Signs related to testing security for posting in the room
    • Non-TOMS affidavit for any staff who are not trained, but will be exposed to the test. Non SFUSD staff may not have access to the test or be in the room.
    • Videos to support ELPAC testing


(Optional assessments available after Oct. 19, 2023 - Similar to the IABs for SBAC)

  • Overview of Interim Assessments (State Website)  - Interim Assessments at a glance: general layout & grade levels
  • Assessments may be used in a non-standardized format or a standardized format
    • Non-Standardized: Teachers can use the Interim Assessment Viewing System to present items to a group of students.
    • Standardized: Use the same testing platform and procedures as the general ELPAC tests. Test coordinators at sites can give access to the Test Operations Management system (TOMS) if needed. Teachers can also request  ELPAC IA TOMs access at
    • Results:    Given by Domains submitted (Remember to score Speaking and Writing and enter those scores)




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