District Assessments

For guidance on District Assessments, please visit the specific assessment pages. You can navigate to this information via the assessment landing pages: Kindergarten Readiness InventoryFountas & Pinnell, Reading Inventory, and Math District Assessments.

Inspect Prebuilt Assessments

Cluster Quizzes, SBAC Block and ELPAC Mirrors, NGSS, Focused Interims, Performance Tasks, Early Literacy and Numeracy Assessments

Flexible Assessment Creation

Can be used for online testing by attaching your own teacher-created materials for students to see online. Create an answer key and upload a PDF of your assessment for paper or online administration.

NEW Itembank Assessment Creation

NEW Illuminate Itembank allows you to generate online assessments based on selected common core standards. The test item creation feature allows you to author test items with a variety of technology-enhanced item types available.

Push Illuminate Assessment Scores to Synergy Gradebook

Illuminate's Push to Synergy feature allows teachers to send assessment scores directly to a new assignment in Synergy Gradebook. This tool can be accessed within the assessment Administration menu.

Push Assessment Results to Synergy Gradebook Support

Post Illuminate Assessments to Google Classroom

Illuminate's Post to Google Classroom feature allows teachers to make Illuminate online assessments accessible to students through Google Classroom. Assessment results are available in Google Classroom and Illuminate! This tool can be accessed within the assessment Administration menu.

Posting Assessments to Google Classroom

Assessment Module Support Documents

Here you can find help documents to administer assessments in Illuminate directly to your students, input scores for assessments given paper/pencil, enable an assessment for online testing, and utilize Illuminate Itembank

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