Early Literacy RtI Tier 2

Tier 2

Increasingly Intensive Small Group Instruction

Small group reading interventions are matched to students' needs in reading comprehension development and/or intensive phonological skills.

Updated Artif Handbook

Tier 2 Assessment Plan  

NEW~ in 2023-24 Artifs will administer Star Reading CBM's 3 times per year to students receiving interventions to monitor progress in reading.

Window 1

Sept 1 - Oct 31

Window 2

Jan 29 - Feb 23

Window 3

Apr 22- May 17 

Tier 2 Star CBM Resources

Access Star CBM presentation decks and documents specifically for ARTIFs:

How to Create Groups in Renaissance for ARTIFs

Creating groups is helpful for running reports only for those students you serve who may be in different classes.


September 2023 Star CBM's for Progress Monitoring Presentation Deck

November 2023 Progress Monitoring with Star Data Presentation Deck

Identify Students for Tier 2 Phonological Awareness Group Interventions

Find students who are potential candidates for Tier 2 Intervention below

Monitor Progress

Ongoing Implementation Data

Monitor Monthly Progress and Service Sessions

Reading Development (RD) groups are those being served in small group reading interventions. Phonological Awareness (PA) groups are those being served with phonics focused interventions such as Fundations or SIPPS.

1) Create your RD and/or PA groups in DnA (Illuminate)

How to Create Student Groups in DnA (Illuminate)

2) Enter your Monthly RD session and attendance and/or PA sessions and attendance in DnA (Illuminate)

a) How to Enter RD Monthly Data in DnA (Illuminate)

b) How to Enter PA Monthly Data in DnA (Illuminate)

Reports & Data Based Decision Making

MTSS (Multi-tiered Systems of Support) Resources

Further Learning & Support

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