Physical Education & Physical Activities Awards

Gloria Siech Award


Ms. Gloria Siech was a physical education teacher from 1967-1998 and our district’s first K-12 Physical Education Content Specialist from 1998-2003. She worked effortlessly to bring physical education to high standards in our San Francisco’s elementary and secondary physical education programs. She pioneered the distinguished elementary physical education program that thrives today, and she initiated a standards-based curriculum guide for a comprehensive and quality physical education program for our secondary schools. Gloria believed in talent and leadership and in a strong physical education program that engaged student learning and success.
The recipient of the award is a leader and exhibits the following attributes in physical education:

  • Practices a developmental and grade-appropriate instructional program
  • Uses content standards and ongoing assessment to inform instruction
  • Varies instruction to differences in movement and learning abilities
  • Provides students with adequate and specific feedback
  • Plans, develops, and delivers meaningful instructional content
  • Provides a variety of learning opportunities for student success
  • Reviews curriculum, teaching practices, and assessment tools
  • Guides program assessment to affect meaningful curriculum change
  • Seeks professional development opportunities
  • Contributes to the professional development of colleagues
  • Models professionalism, leadership, and collaboration among colleagues
  • Advocates for the importance of quality physical education in our schools

The Gloria Siech Physical Education Teacher Award recognizes exemplary work by physical educators in the elementary, middle school, and high school divisions. Physical education teachers nominate deserving colleagues, and the Academic and Professional Development Physical Education Department decides on the most outstanding candidates in the elementary and secondary divisions that best represent quality physical education instruction and leadership in SFUSD.

​Recipients are announced and acknowledged at the SFUSD District-Wide Professional Development Day at the beginning of each school year. 

If you would like to nominate a teacher, please click on the link below 

Gloria Siech Physical Education Nomination Form 

Physical Education Pond Rippler Award

A teacher who has made an impact on students and their community. They do so without realizing that their every action has a rippling effect that has a bigger influence on the “entire pond”.  Someone who you believe is truly inspirational and will continue to make a huge impact on students.  

The recipient of the award exhibits the following attributes in physical education:

  • Consistently implements best practices 
  • Meets the needs of all students, including but not limited to students with disabilities and English Language Learners
  • Teaches standards-based activities 
  • Goes above and beyond their roles/responsibilities
  • Makes a positive impact on students by creating a more sustainable PE program
  • Makes a positive impact on a school community

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