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Signature Update! 

Please see the linked SEIS Update from 11/09/2023 regarding:
IEP Signature, IEP Affirm, Eligibility Evaluations and Services, and Degree of Support

Looking for SFUSD Forms and Guidance?  

Go to "Reference" to SEIS Document Library in the Drop Down Menu

> Translation> Translated IEP templates

Looking to update to your caseload?  

Go to "Students" Drop Down Menu and look for:

 Student Change Form

    • Change case manager: Name new case manager in Comments

    • Student no longer enrolled in SFUSD: Name new school/district in Comments

Add Student Form

    • Refer student for initial assessment

    • Student new to SFUSD

Looking for Independent Learning Modules and Videos?

Go to "Help Center" in the Drop Down Menu

This page was last updated on November 18, 2023