Illuminate Navigation

Illuminate navigation is controlled by using the Navigation Panel tool menus. The Control Panel allows for changing your account to a different enrollment date and school site (if assigned to multiple schools) as well as accessing Product Help information.

Illumination navigation panel and dashboard

  1. The Navigation Panel is located on the left, where all of your tools and features are waiting for you.

  2. Customize your account by enabling Notifications, view the Data Dashboard, or visit the Control Panel, for student set options and product help.

  3. Use the Tile Dashboard to quickly access system features and shortcuts.

Illuminate Navigation Support Documents

Here you can find documents to help you log in, navigate the system, and refine searches using custom filters

Illuminate Tips

  • Check your search filters to make sure they are not preventing the report or assessment you are attempting to find from appearing
  • To make a report or assessment a personal favorite, click on the silver star icon at the top right of the report
  • View important district reports by viewing the Favorites section on the Data Dashboard or click on the View Favorites tile on the Tile Dashboard
  • To return to the Tile Dashboard, click on the Illuminate logo in the top left corner
  • Verify the site and school year at the top left of the Illuminate screen - to change school site, toggle to the needed school in the control panel or request updated access from your supervisor if the school year is not current

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This page was last updated on December 9, 2022