Equity Focus

Equity Focused

Equity is a key focus of SFUSD's continuing work to help every student be ready for career and life. In confronting historic and ongoing racial equity issues, SFUSD is committed to addressing racism and implicit bias in our schools and helping students, teachers, school leaders, and community members understand the contexts of racial inequities.

Racial Equity in SFUSD

Racial equity is a core belief in SFUSD. Equity is the work of eliminating oppression; removing the predictability of success or failure based on any social or cultural factor; and ending biases to ensure equally high outcomes for all participants through the creation of multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic, and multiracial practices and conditions. See SFUSD's Strategic Plan Transform Learning.Transform Lives for details.


What is Implicit Bias & Cultural Competency?

All students must have opportunities to build SEL skills and receive an assets-based educational experience that is personalized, culturally competent, relevant and responsive, and intentionally addresses racism and implicit bias.

This page was last updated on October 9, 2023