Assessment Administration - SBA

2024 CAASPP Testing Window

Assessment  Grade  Administration Window 
Smarter Balanced (ELA and Math) 3-8, 11


March 18 - June 4 


CAST Science  5, 8, 11 


March 18 - June 4 


California Alternate Assessment (ELA and Math) 3-8, 11

March 18 - June 4 

California Alternate Assessment


5, 8, 11 & 12 September 26- June 4


2023-24 Dates, Resources & Contacts

2023-24 Dates & Resources Dates to remember and helpful resources for administering Smarter Balanced Assessments

Before Testing

4-6 Weeks Before Testing

Plan your Testing Schedule 

2-3 Weeks Before Testing

Verify Test Assignments using Illuminate Reports 

Send home Family Notification Letters 




Provide Training to Teachers

1 Week Before Testing 

Prepare Materials for Administration 

During Testing

Testing Day

Have ready:  Devices for Testing & Materials (DFAs) for Administrators

After Testing

1 Week After Testing

  • Check Student Completion Status & Securely Dispose of Secure Materials

  • Submit Accountability Documentation

  • Share Results Information with Families

Illuminate Reports

Use these reports to help plan testing: verify student's test assignments, EL status, and designated supports
Illuminate Report  Description
2023 - 24 CAASPP Test Assignment Report List of CAASPP assessments by student (example: CAA, Science) 
US Entry For EL Students  List of students exempt from ELA/Literacy 
2023-24 SBA Test Settings Report List of students with assigned supports and accommodations 
2023-24 SBA Session Tickets (list) Student CAASPP log-on information 



Accessibility Supports

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