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Resources for Running Star Reports in Renaissance

Key Renaissance Reports for Educators

Inquiry Question Resource/Reports
How do I find out which students took the Star Test?

Star Test Activity Report

How do I find summary results by grade and by demographic group?

Star Test Summary Report

How do I find results by Lexile to inform grouping of students in a class?

How do I find results across my class to identify focal students, and inform groups?

Generate Star Screening Report

Access the Star Record Book

How do I identify focal skills to teach individual students? Star Instructional Planning Student Report
How do I identify focus skills to teach the whole class?

Star Instructional Planning Class Report

How do I determine which Foundational Skills to focus on for my class? 

Star Diagnostic Report

How do I look back on mastery of the standards I taught to date?

State Standards Mastery Report 
How do I monitor progress toward end of year proficiency expectations? State Performance Class Report

How do I analyze growth over time?

Star Annual Progress Report

How to I monitor progress on goals for students who need extra support? Star Student Progress Monitoring Report


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