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SFUSD Physical Education and Activity Department is partnering with Special Olympics Northern California to provide resources and activities throughout Inclusive Schools Week (December 5th - 9th). This year’s theme is "Unity within our Community", and we are asking all PE teachers to provide 1-2 inclusive lesson plans throughout the week. 

In addition to lesson plans, you can sign up to receive a RESPECT banner and a set of inclusion banners, and attend a virtual Special Olympics athlete speaker assembly on December 9th from 9-10 am.




Below is a list of resources and activities:

SFUSD Resources:

Special Olympics Resources:

More SFUSD Events & Resources for Inclusive Schools Week 

SFUSD Inclusive Schools Week Webpage
Students, Staff, and families are encouraged to attend to support their students, schools, and teams 


School-Wide and Classroom Activities K - 12:

RESPECT Banner Signing:

SFUSD Physical Education and Special Olympics are providing RESPECT banners for any schools interested in having their students sign the banner and take the pledge to show respect. This can be a great way to end a lesson, and afterward, you can proudly display the banner anywhere in your school!

Special Olympics Respect Banner for SFUSD staff, teachers and students to sign


Inclusion Posters:

Grab yourself a set of inclusion posters to hang and highlight throughout your school’s campus! With the Caring Community Inclusion Series, you can display posters that deliver kind and inclusive messages, and with the Inclusion Heroes Series, you can highlight different inclusion advocates and heroes within the disability movement.

Caring Community Inclusion Series:

Posters for Inclusive Schools Week - Caring Community Series

Inclusion Heroes Series:


Posters for Inclusive schools week  - Hero Series

  * poster series provided by Special Olympics Minnesota


Special Olympics Guest Speaker - Virtual Assembly:

Date: Friday, December 9th from 9-10 am, Zoom

Special Olympics Inclusive School's week Guest speaker 2022- Phillip


Phillip Gonzales is a multi-sport Special Olympics athlete who competes in soccer, basketball, and track & field. He is an Athlete Leader for Special Olympics Northern California, serving as an ambassador and speaking to businesses, schools, government leaders, and more. Phillip has hosted radio shows, and podcasts, been interviewed by the Oakland A’s and even emceed the Special Olympics Northern California Summer Games Opening Ceremony.

Join us to hear about Phillip’s journey growing up with an intellectual disability, and the importance of having an inclusive and respectful attitude toward all. The speech and presentation will be appropriate for all ages but targeted more toward a secondary audience. There will be a Q&A at the end, and teachers can input questions in the chat.

Zoom Link to follow after registration.

Thank you to Thurgood Marshall High School which will be hosting this virtual opportunity.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact;


Sasha Trope; 

SFUSD Special Olympics Coordinator

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School Partnership Program 

Useful resources for families and caregivers:

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For questions involving physical education. Please contact: 

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