Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment Blocks - Available Assessments

2. Prepare to Administer

  • Request session tickets (student log-in information) by emailing

Review and follow these instructions or watch this video to:

  • Practice logging into the CAASPP system, setting up a test session, and creating a session ID.
  • Students log in to the CA Secure Browser v9.0 and join a test session by entering session ID.
  • Become familiar with Accessibility Considerations. General Education students and English Language Learners can be assigned Designated Supports for any IAB. Students with IEPs can be assigned both Designated Supports and Accommodations as described in this Universal Tools, Designated Supports, and Accommodations Student Accessibility Reference Tool. Supports active on the SEIS system for students with IEPs will automatically load to any IAB. Currently assigned supports for students with IEPs can be found on the SBA Test Settings Report.

Consider having students work and reflect on the interim assessments with a partner as a learning experience. View the Ideas for Administration video above, see the Ideas for Optional Use of Math IABs, or review Oakland Unified School District's shared Math IAB Administration Lesson Plan that includes reflection and partner work, for Grades 3-5 and 6-8/HS.

3. How to Administer

4. Score Responses (when applicable)

If there are no hand-scored items on the IAB, no scoring is required and results may be accessed immediately.

If there are hand-scored items, use the Interim Assessment Hand Scoring System before results can be accessed.

Directions for Hand Scoring

5. Access Results

Access Results in CAASPP: Results are comprehensive and can be viewed in several different configurations


6. Use Results to Support Students


Tailored resources for supporting students


Tailored resources for supporting students

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