Assessment Administration - KRI

2. Prepare to Administer

Test Coordinators:

  1. Receive and distribute KRI Assessment Materials to each K teacher - during the week of August 13.
  2. Coordinate with K teachers to request 1 sub each - 2 weeks before date requested during the KRI assessment window September 3-27.
  3. Monitor to ensure results are entered in DnA (data entry portal link coming soon) by September 27.

     NOTE:  Spanish Pathway K teachers assess in Spanish. All other K teachers assess in English.

3. Calibrate and Score

Visit the KRI Professional Development page to find a calibration and scoring training that works for your schedule.

NOTE: One training session is required for all NEW Kindergarten teachers.

  • Take the KRI Calibration Quiz to review, reinforce, and reflect on assessing with fidelity, and consolidate learning of standardized administration procedures.
  1. KRI Classroom Data Collection Sheet - English
  2. KRI Classroom Data Collection Sheet - Spanish

4. Submit Results


Next Steps:

Visit the Reports page for more information on how to access and view student results and the Analysis to Action page for ways to use this data to guide your instruction.

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