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Star Interim Assessment Expectations for Spanish Biliteracy and Dual Immersion Pathways

2023-24 SFUSD Star Interim Assessment Plan & Expectations  

Expectations for Spanish Pathways updated as of Sept 11, 2023 per guidance from MPD


Reminder: District reports reflect SFUSD's 2023-24 District Interim Assessment Plan, and students in non Spanish Pathway classes assess in English as indicated in SFUSD's Assessment Timeline


  • Grade K-2 Students in the country less than 1 year from 5/3/23 are not required to take the Spring Star Assessments regardless of language pathway. Determine students who fall within this group via the following DnA (Illuminate) report: Star Students by EL and Entry/LEP Date 2023-24.
  • Teachers may opt to administer Star assessments in Spanish or English in addition to the language of assessment required above.


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