DnA (Illuminate) Data & Assessment System

DnA Login Instructions

  • Sign in to Google using your districtusername@sfusd.edu
  • Go to the Illuminate sign in page at sfusd.illuminateed.com
  • Only use the Google login option by clicking on the Google button

DnA Access

Classroom teachers are automatically granted DnA access, with permissions to view data for their rostered students. Principals, assistant principals, and some school support staff are automatically granted access with permissions to view school-wide student data.

If you need DnA access permissions established or upgraded, please have your school administrator or department manager/supervisor/director complete this form (access request form inactive until July 2024).

Requests will be processed within 4 business days.

Note: Only requests from principals, supervisors, managers, or directors will be processed.

To create sections or caseloads for itinerant teachers, please follow the Synergy directions outlined here. Once the section/caseload is created in Synergy, the assigned teacher will have access to data in DnA for the same set of students.

Feedback is Great!

To give feedback on this website, any district or state assessment, or supporting documents please click here.

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(415) 241-6400 aao@sfusd.edu

This page was last updated on June 12, 2024