Teaching SEL Explicitly

Teaching SEL Explicitly

Teachers can incorporate SEL learning measure and constructs directly into their lessons, and school leaders can coordinate team- and school-wide initiatives to teach SEL explicitly. Below are resources to help.

Lesson Toolkits

Short introductions and longer toolkits for teaching SEL constructs have been created by TransformEd, an organization that supports educators to equip students with Mindsets, Essential Skills, and Habits they need to succeed in college, career, and life.

Lessons & Resources - Second Step

Second Step is a curriculum for teaching SEL skills, explicitly. Some SFUSD schools have incorporated the Second Step curriculum, school-wide, while some others will do so in the next few years.

Trauma-Informed Practice

An estimated 35 million children across the US have experienced trauma, and many are in chronically traumatic situations such as neglect; physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; or the loss of family members to death, divorce, or abandonment. Natural reactions to these situations include fight-or-flight-or-freeze reactions. But at school these reactions can look like defiance, rudeness, unresponsiveness, or aggression. Below are resources for understanding trauma and strategies for faculty and staff to support these students and set them up for success.

Toolkit connecting SEL, Restorative Practice, and Trauma-Informed Practice

Articles and Resources about Trauma-Informed Practice

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