Assessment Administration - PFT

Administering PFT

Material For Testing


Resources for PFT Test Administrators

  • PFT Reference Guide
    • This guide is designed to assist staff in becoming familiar with the California PFT. It includes detailed descriptions of the fitness areas, the data collection requirements, the performance standards, and suggestions for facilitating the administration of the different test options.
  • FITNESSGRAM® Fitness Areas, Test Options, and Equipment
    • List of materials needed for each activity.
  • PFT Administration Videos
    • PFT videos that comply with California Code of Regulations are provided for all of the FITNESSGRAM tests, as described in the current FITNESSGRAM Test Administration Manual.
  • Parent Notification Letter
    • Notification template to personalize with your own school letterhead and testing datesTranslated PFT Letters 

Entering Student Results 

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