Early Literacy RtI Tier 3+

Tier 3 & Special Education

Highly Targeted Individualized Intervention

Wilson Reading Systems and S.P.IR.E

CORE Phonics Assessments are used to inform intervention, monitor progress, and create/report goals to families

These assessments are administered 1:1 by teachers either in person or online via Illuminate, and are available throughout the school year administration and progress monitoring.

Special Education teachers should ask their principal to complete the following Google form in order to assess students : Illuminate Access Request Form. Log In to Illuminate at  sfusd.illuminateed.com, and confirm access before assessing students.

Provide Interventions & Document Services

tier 3 interventions

Monitor Progress and Report Regarding Goals

Monitor and Report progress to families on all IEP goals at the end of each Trimester. CORE Phonics assessment results can be used to report progress and monitor goals.


Email the Special Education team:

Saveth Seang @ seangs@sfusd.edu

This page was last updated on August 29, 2023