New Horizons in History / Social Science

“The great force of history comes from the fact that we carry it within us, are unconsciously controlled by it in many ways, and history is literally present in all that we do. It could scarcely be otherwise, since it is to history that we owe our frames of reference, our identities, and our aspirations.” — James Baldwin

As History/ Social Science educators, we have the great responsibility of helping students understand the past and how it affects and is connected to our present. In an every rapidly changing world (politically, socially, economically, environmentally), it is imperative that we generate new visions and new horizons for teaching and learning. As the History/ Social Science team in SFUSD, we are committed to working with our families, students, community members, and educational partners in order to create a new framework and curriculum that centers humanizing learning experiences for all our students.

Collective Values

Collective Values frame beliefs about the purpose of teaching and learning across the subject areas and grade levels in SFUSD.

Knowledge and Love of Self

The examination, explaining, and interpreting of individual identity, collective identities, and the world.


The unity and familial connections within and between communities, and alongside oppressed peoples.


The cultivation of an intellectual identity and active participation in the transformation of oppressive conditions for individuals and community actualization.

Defined Purpose

The enactment of one’s personal and collective mission statement to reflect upon, challenge, and transform social, political, cultural, and economic inequities.

Weaving Principles

Weaving Principles are actionables, "woven" throughout the core-curriculum, creating new paradigms driven by Indigenous and other knowledge systems, alongside Western pedagogical practices, in order to support all students.

Cultivate Indigeneity, Routes & Roots

Critique Imperialism, Coloniality, Dehumanization, & Genocide

Center Relationships & Embodied Kinship

Create & Celebrate Constellations of Co-Resistance

Challenge & Abolish Intersectional Systems of Oppression

Conceptualize & Create Spaces of Multiplicity & Thrivance

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