Math Milestone Task Overview

For more information view the Math District Assessment Overview Document and the resources below.


Administration Windows:

Fall 2023 (High School Only): October 2 – November 3*

Spring 2024 (High School Only): February 2 – March 8*

NOTE: *Tasks should be scored and scores should be entered into DnA (Illuminate) by the last day of the window. The steps for entering MMT scores have slightly changed. Please view the How to Enter MMT Scores into DnA (Illuminate) document.


Math Milestone Tasks (High School) are embedded assessments within the SFUSD Math Core Curriculum. Teachers already administer and score these assessments as part of math instruction. Scores are reported twice a year, once in Fall and once in Spring.

Guidance and Support

Watch this video for guidance on administration methods and accessing resources. Additional guidance can be found on the Assessment Administration page, linked under the Components section, above.


The SFUSD Math Core Curriculum is built upon the foundation of rich tasks that allow for diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments. These tasks are the Entry, Apprentice, Expert, and Milestone Tasks. The Entry Task for each unit has diagnostic components, while the Apprentice and Expert Tasks are primarily formative. The Milestone Task is primarily summative. The combination of all tasks should provide timely feedback that prompts students to make active use of that information in their learning.

Math Milestone Tasks assess students’ understanding of the CCSS-Math concepts and skills for a particular unit, including their ability to express their thinking and justify their results.

The tasks are designed to address four central questions:

Entry Task: What do you already know?

Apprentice Task: What sense are you making of what you are learning?

Expert Task: How can you apply what you have learned so far to a new situation?

Milestone Task: Did you learn what was expected of you from this unit?

The MMT is the third task in an unit.

Additional Information

These links provide more information and resources to support mathematics teaching, learning, and assessment.

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