ELPAC Training and Orientation for Coordinators and Designees

2023-24 Trainings & Orientations for Initial & Summative ELPAC

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                                                                        ELPAC Meetings

SUMMATIVE ELPAC (Annual in Spring)

  • Orientation for Alternate State Testing Administration: The participants are site staff (usually case managers) who will administer the Alt ELPAC to their students if it is specified in the IEP. Alternate ELPAC is not very common. Orientation Meeting for Alternate ELPAC and SBAC (CAA) - Sign up Form   - October 18, 2023: 2:30- 3:30 OR October 19, 2023: 3:00 - 4:00
  • January Test Coordinator Meeting for Summative ELPAC (+ SBAC) - become qualified to administer group domains of Summative ELPAC for 2023-24. - Sign up Form

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INITIAL ELPAC (All year, when a student enrolls)

PHASE II:  November - May Administration of Initial ELPAC

Supplemental 1:1 testing certification Orientation Meeting for Designee from non-newcomer school assigned by an  administrator  (ASSIGNMENT FORM)

**Makeup Orientation for Initial ELPAC Phase II Designee: HERE

Please complete the steps linked above to become certified for supplemental qualification allowing administration of 1:1 domains.


PHASE I:  August - October Administration of Initial ELPAC

Primary Initial  ELPAC testing Meeting for Test Coordinators from all schools. This qualifies coordinators to adminster and/or train other staff to adminster the Initial ELPAC group testing domains. The above 1:1 training for Phase II is supplememtal to this. 

August 8: 9:00am-11:00am    OR     August 11: 10:30am-12:30pm

**Makeup TC meeting (HERE): Mandatory for Test Coordinators who were unable to attend live meetings.                            Training for Initial ELPAC is mandated by the state. All those administering Initial ELPAC must be trained annually.  

Who may administer the ELPAC?

ELPAC assessments may only be administered by staff who:

Are employees of SFUSD and are proficient in English

Have received 2023-24 ELPAC Administration Training from Achievement Assessments Office or the school's test coordinator. (Initial and Summative ELPAC are comprised of two separate trainings. One does not count for the other.)l

Signed a Test Security Affidavit

Note: Previous year's training for any state test is not applicable to the current school year.  

Test Coordinators must be trained during the August (Initial ELPAC) AND January (Summative) Test Coordinator meetings. They are then qualified to administer and/or train any additional staff on site who will administer the Initial or Summative ELPAC during the current school year. 



ELPAC Testing Related Videos (State)

Accessibility Videos for ELPAC testing




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