ELPAC Coordinator Meetings & Resources

2022-23 Test Coordinator Meetings & Resources

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Summative State Testing Spring 2023: Test Coordinator Meeting (Mandatory)


Alternate ELPAC and Alternate Smarter Balanced Testing (CAA) Orientation

  • For case managers and/or educators who will be administering any Alternate State Assessment (ALT ELPAC, CAA)
  • Slide Deck - Includes Orientation slides and instructions for certifying to administer the test/s.


Phase I of Initial ELPAC: Training for Coordinators who will administer and/or train others to administer Initial ELPAC group testing. District examiners do 1:1 testing. 


Fall 2022-23 Initial ELPAC Test Coordinator Meeting Deck (Aug 9 & 12, 2022) 

  • Initial ELPAC Test Coordinator Meeting VIDEO  (Aug 9, 2022) - Please Sign in if you view video in place of attending the meeting. This training is for Group administration of the Initial ELPAC

State & District Assessment Updates/Information Meeting VIDEO (Sept 2022) 



  • ELPAC FAQs: Dynamic 

  • ELPAC Testing Related Videos (State)
  • Accessibility Videos for ELPAC testing
  • Initial ELPAC, Phase II General Information

Phase I: Schools administer the group testing domains for Initial ELPAC and District Examiners (DICE) administer the 1:1 sections during the first two months of school. This is where most Initial ELPAC administration is done. 

All Year: Students arrive in SFUSD who are new to CA and need Initial ELPAC throughout the school year. They must be tested. When testing was paper and pencil, EPC tested students throughout the year when they arrived. This is no longer possible. 

We now have Phase II of Initial ELPAC

  • All sites administer group testing domains. (3-12 L,R,W)

  • Non-newcomer sites have a designee complete a Phase II, 1:1 testing certification. Prior Initial ELPAC group training  by the test coordinator is required as well. 

  • Newcomer sites receive support from district examiners for 1:1 domains. 

Newcomer Schools and sites with 5+ new student per month on average will do group testing monthly. Support will be provided for 1:1 sections of the test by district deployed examiners. Site administer group domains (3-12 L,R, & W)

  • Newcomer schools are notified that they are in this category.

  • Non-newcomer schools: A Phase II Designee is selected by the site and trained to administer the 1:1 sections of Initial ELPAC. Training is self guided & supplemental to Phase I group testing training.

    • Assign your school's Designee  

    • Video of the Orientation Meeting for Initial ELPAC Phase II Designees (Assigned above by your administrator or test coordinator)

    • Designee administers 1:1 testing each month as needed and makes sure group testing is also completed. AAO will notify the Designee and the TC of any students needing testing.

    • 2-8 hours of extended pay is available for the designee's self guided training depending on grade spans needed.

    • This training is supplemental to training in Phase I for group domain administration. 

                                    Important Notes on ELPAC Testing

  • ELPAC assessments can only be administered by employees or contractors of a local educational agency or nonpublic school who are proficient in English, have received formal ELPAC Administration and Scoring Training, and have signed a Test Security Affidavit.


  • Training for any state test is independent and does not apply to other testing windows or school year. Training for Initial ELPAC is not applicable to Summative ELPAC. The January Test Coordinator meeting is required for Coordinators to prepare for the Summative State Testing administration window (Feb-May). Test Coordinators must train any additional staff who will administer the Initial ELPAC during the current school year. 





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