3.6.2 Free Translation and Interpretation Services

Free Translation and Interpretation Services

The Translation & Interpretation Unit translates district documents provided to families, and interprets at district-wide and school site events such as the Board of Education meetings, ELAC, SSC, and IEP  meetings. Parents/guardians with limited English proficiency (LEP) may request free individual translation or interpretation services at their school or on the District's website. 

To request services, fill out the Primary Language Assistance Request forms (found in Chapter 3.6.3).  The forms can be completed in your home language and you must return the completed form to your child’s teacher or school staff.  You can also complete an online version of the request form on the “Free Translation and Interpretation Services” section of www.sfusd.edu

If you have a complaint about our translation/interpretation services, you may complete a complaint form in your home language and return it to your child’s school as well. The form is available on the district's website at 3.6.4

Non-District qualified interpreters (including students and other children) may not be used for interpretation, except in emergency situations.

This page was last updated on March 11, 2024