4.2.11 Graduation Activities Participation

Graduation Activities Participation

Exclusion from Graduation Ceremony:  Notice to Parent/Guardian

Students may be denied the privilege of attending 8th grade promotion or the high school graduation ceremony for engaging in conduct that poses a reasonable concern of danger to persons at the ceremony or of disruption of the ceremony.  This requires a specific articulable basis for this concern, and not solely a history of generally disruptive behavior or past violation of school rules.  Students may also be excluded from the graduation/promotion ceremony for accumulation of repeated behavior violations during their 8th grade or senior year that have continued despite documented interventions.

Students who are excluded shall receive a written notice of exclusion via mail or email that (1) gives the date of the notice regarding criteria for exclusion (provided above); (2) the reasons for exclusion, (3) the appeal process.

A student may appeal exclusion from the ceremony to the Superintendent or designee outside of the school after exhausting the internal school appeal process if one exists. (SFUSD Board Policy 5127)    

Incomplete Graduation Requirements

At the discretion of the Superintendent or designee, a student who will complete graduation requirements during the summer may be allowed to participate in graduation exercises without receiving a diploma. When the requirements have been satisfied, a diploma shall be sent to the student.  

Certificate of Completion

Students with disabilities who have been awarded a Certificate of Completion under the criteria described in SFUSD Board Policy 6146.1 shall be eligible to participate in any graduation ceremony and any school activity related to graduation in which a graduating student of similar age without disabilities would be eligible to participate.


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