3.9.2 Physical Education Policy

Physical Education Policy

SFUSD Board Policy 6142.7

All students in grades K-9 participate in physical education (PE) classes.  California  Education Code section 51210(g) requires that all students in grades 1 through 6 receive a minimum of 200 minutes of Physical Education instruction every ten days—that is, 100 minutes per week—in addition to their recess and lunch periods.  The San Francisco Unified School District is committed to assuring that all students receive the required minutes of Physical Education instruction.

Every elementary school class in the District has established a Physical Education schedule, showing the days, times, and duration of PE instruction each week.  Copies of those PE schedules are available in each class, and in the school office.

If you would like a copy of the PE schedule, please contact your child’s principal.  If you have questions or concerns about your child’s PE schedule or instruction, please talk with the child’s teacher or principal.  If you are not satisfied with the information the teacher or principal are able to provide please feel free to contact the Director of the Office of Equity at (415) 355-7334.

For middle school students:  400 minutes of PE every 10 days (e.g., 40 minutes every day).

For high school students:  All 9th grade students are required to take PE, and all students must participate in a total of 2 years of PE with 400 minutes every 10 days. 

Positive Alternatives (Middle Schools)

Most SFUSD middle schools have a Positive Alternatives program.  Backpacking, ropes courses, and sailing trips are provided as a special opportunity for students as a positive alternative to risky behaviors. 

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