Work Permits

Students ages 14 through 17 are required by law to possess a Work Permit in order to be employed. 

Work Permits for SFUSD students are issued by:

Transcript & Work Permit Office
20 Cook Street, Room 11
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: 415-750-4500 x1020

 To obtain a Work Permit, all four items below must be provided:

  1. Completed Application: with parent/guardian’s signature at the bottom certifying the information on the application, and employer signature in the completed employer section.
  2. Social Security Number: must be provided on the application. 
  3. Proof of Age: birth certificate, passport, alien registration card, OR California Identification Card/driver’s license.
  4. Proof of Enrollment: current report card (including attendance) 

Work Permit applications for SFUSD students may be found on the website.

Applications may be submitted  in person or by email.

  • Applications may be emailed to:
  • Students emailing applications may use SFUSD student email ONLY.
  • We do not accept work permits by mail.
  • Requests submitted without the required documentation above will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant.

For individual applications, please allow 2-3 days to process.  For large groups or organization applications, please allow 2 weeks to process.

Persons 18 years of age, who have graduated from high school, or who have passed the California High School Proficiency Examination do not need Work Permits. 

Also, a student shall not be required to obtain a work permit if they are self-employed; is working at odd jobs such as yard work and babysitting in private homes where they are not regularly employed; is a self-employed news carrier delivering newspapers to consumers on a regular route; is employed by their parent/guardian in domestic labor on or in connection with premises the parent/guardian owns, operates, or controls; or is otherwise exempted by law.

Please note:  Work permits are required, but they are a privilege, not a right.  Students who are referred to the Student Attendance Review Board for poor attendance may have their permits withheld or revoked if attendance isn’t improved following SARB hearing. 

Information on federal and state labor laws for young workers is available online at: