5.5.3 Open/Closed School Campus (Leaving Campus During Lunch)

Open/Closed School Campus (Leaving Campus During Lunch)

(SFUSD Board Policy 5112.5)

All elementary and middle schools shall have closed campuses for the safety and welfare of all students.  In order to give high school students an opportunity to demonstrate responsibility, independent judgment, and positive citizenship, each high school administration may choose to adopt an open campus at their site in which students shall have the privilege of leaving campus during lunch.   

The high school principal or designee may establish eligibility requirements for students to leave campus for lunch, such as academic achievement, attendance, and/or grade level.  

School sites that opt to provide an open campus shall notify families about any applicable eligibility criteria as well as repeating the language below from CA Education Code Section 44808.5:  Students that have an open  campus policy are hereby notified that pursuant to CA Education Code 44808.5, neither the school district nor any officer or employee thereof shall be liable for the conduct or safety of any student during such time as the student has left the school grounds during the lunch period.

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