4.4.3 ExCEL After School Programs

ExCEL After School Programs

(Academic, Enrichment, & Recreation)

ExCEL After School programs are in nearly 90 SFUSD schools—elementary, middle, and high schools.  The programs are funded through competitive grants from the California Department of Education.  Enrollment is required to participate, and space is limited.

Priority enrollment is given to students who attend the program every day after school, until at least 6pm.  

Students participate in:

Academics:  Students complete their homework and study reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and technology.  High school students also work on college and career preparation and other credit earning options. 

Enrichment:  Students choose classes such as art, cooking, music, and life skills that are fun and broaden their experiences. 

Recreation:  Students participate in sports, dance, games, and other physical activities to stay healthy. 

Every program involves teachers from your child’s school to make sure that after-school academics are aligned with the school-day curriculum. 

Contact the ExCEL after school program at the school site for specific enrollment information visit: www.sfusd.edu/ExCELHUB

This page was last updated on October 30, 2020