4.9.5 Notice of Educational Applications/Tools

Notice of Educational Applications/Tools

The Departments of Technology, Curriculum & Instruction, and Special Education have identified some valuable educational tools that we need a guardian's permission to use with your student.  The purpose of this notice is to inform parents/guardians/caregivers that your child will have access to use one or more of the following applications as an educational tool unless you submit a written opt out notice.  If you do not wish for your child to have access to any or all of these applications, please send a written notice opting out of their use to your child's classroom teacher or principal.  These applications are:

  • Desmos, a math tool

  • EdPuzzle, an assessment tool

  • GeoGebra, a math tool

  • GoFormative, an assessment tool

  • Hoopla, an eBook tool

  • Kahoot, an assessment tool

  • Loom, a video communication tool

  • Miro, a whiteboard tool

  • New Visions CloudLab, productivity tools

  • Padlet, a collaboration tool

  • PearDeck, an assessment tool

  • Scratch, a programming tool

  • Scratch Jr, a programming tool

  • Socrative, an assessment tool

  • Sutori, a teaching tool  

  • TinkerCAD, a 3D modeling tool

  • Explain Everything Whiteboard, a whiteboard tool