Optional Math Milestone Tasks (K-8)


This is the information regarding Optional Math Milestone Tasks available for grades K-8.


  • Determine where the assessment fits within the curriculum and plan for an administration date that accommodates instructional needs and published deadlines.
  • Determine your method of administration: digitally or on paper.
  • Address any required digital learning with your students, for example how to upload photos, or record their voice.
  • Determine which supports to use with which students: Guidelines for Accommodations and K-8 Guidelines for EL & Newcomer Students.


  • Use paper, Seesaw, Google Slides, Nearpod, Desmos, another administration method, or a combination of methods as you choose.
  • Translated student materials in Spanish and/or Chinese are available.


Using Math Milestone Tasks to Inform Instruction, Part 1: What do we see?


How to Enter Scores into DnA (Illuminate) for Math Assessments:


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