Balboa High School 2017-2018 Innovation Awards

The Design Challenge

How might we create and engaging curriculum around integrating basic computer skills and interesting content? How might we create/design professional development opportunities for teachers of all subject areas that encourage them to incorporate more techn

With the support of staff and alumni, Balboa recently re-obtained it’s old Art/Engineering wing after nearly 20 years and an effort to address equity needs of the school within this space is underway.The lack of space has been a major constraint in expanding course offerings, sections, and developing suitable facilities for administering broader technology needs in a way that matches the standard offerings of a modern school facility. Moreover, the school faces an equity challenge in closing the access gap for technology and engineering for our students of color, specifically African American, Latino, young women, and Newcomer students. Balboa has the opportunity to support and provide access to these groups through the re-design of this space.

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