Which add-ons can I use?

Approved add-ons for Google Docs

None at the moment

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Approved add-ons for Google Slides

Approved add-ons for Google Sheets

  • Autocrat: Easily merge data from a spreadsheet into a Google doc or pdf.
  • Copy-Down: Automatically copy down formulas on Google form response submissions.
  • Doctopus: Automate distribution of assignments to students and track activity. (See also: Google Classroom)
  • Event-o-Matic: Merge spreadsheet data into calendar events, set logic conditions, form and time triggers, and sync updates.
  • Form Mule: Turn form responses or spreadsheet data into automated personalized emails.
  • Quiz Banker: Create student quizzes based on thousands of past New York Regents exam questions.
  • Sheet Spider: Create multiple spreadsheets from one master spreadsheet. Retrieve and push data to capture inputs and updates.

Approved add-ons for Google Forms

  • Doc Appender: Create a running log of Google form responses in one or more Google docs.
  • Form Notifications: Create and configure email notifications for response thresholds and Form respondents.
  • Form Ranger: Automatically populate your form question choices from spreadsheet data.