John McLaren Early Education School 2017-2018 Innovation Awards

The Design Challenge

How might we create the conditions for our school, families, and community to partner in supporting positive behaviors in our 3-5 year-old Black boys?

At McLaren, even though the overall percentage of black children is small, they made up almost 99% of office referrals. While some children will grow out of challenging behaviors, in order to ensure that all students are ready for kindergarten in the area of social emotional competence, the design team seeks to directly address incidents in culturally responsive ways that will positively impact educational outcomes for the youngest black males in the District.

Pitch Night Presentation

McLaren Early Education school will use their 2017-18 Innovation Award to develop a support network that creates opportunities for deeper relationship building, knowledge sharing, fun experiences for students, teachers, parents and community members as well as a long-term mentorship that follows the students into their years beyond early education.

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